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Providing strategic modern technology solutions

Technology enables colossal opportunities for businesses in Australia to compete globally.  As companies scale, their processes are guaranteed to adjust to suit a higher demand, becoming more and more involved or complex. This is where technology can be utilised to streamline and automate, resulting in increased production efficiency and a decrease in the risk for human error. There’s a constant need to adapt products and services to empower growth.

Levit8 offers a combination of strategic, advisory, and technological expertise to serve the needs of large businesses. We have the expertise required to perform complex tasks effectively and can assume the ultimate accountability expected of a technology services partner, becoming your end-to-end outsourced Australian IT Provider.

It Solutions

Partnering with us allows you more time to focus on key deliverables of your business, leaving critical IT project to Levit8.

Providing Advanced Technological Services Required to Manage Complex Corporate Structures in a Dynamically Evolving Online Landscape

The rapid evolution of technology spins huge opportunities for businesses. As companies scale, their needs to be constantly assessed and configured to ensure customers are being served in the best way. There’s a constant need to adapt products and surpass new barriers.

Levit8 offers a combination of strategic, advisory and technological expertise to serve the needs of large businesses with complex structures that are beyond the capability of smaller IT companies which lack the depth of expertise required to perform complex tasks effectively and can assume the ultimate accountability expected of a technology services partner.

Partnering with us leaves you more time to focus on key deliverables of your critical IT project and other business objectives.

Managed IT services will benefit you:
  1. Increased staff efficiency,
  2. Predictive IT costs to assist with annual budgets,
  3. Peace of mind your business is protected,
  4. 24/7/365 Technical support based in Australia
  5. IT consulting helps you better understand the backend of the business
Managed Services

As your Managed Service Provider, we take a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure network, servers and vital systems to monitor and prevent minor issues from escalating to major headaches.

With access to the latest technology and expertise, we have the capability to take on a segment or your entire IT operational requirements. You will have more time and dedicate resources to focus on strategic goals while reducing overheads.

Our managed IT services deliver 24×7 assistance, practical solutions, impartial assessments, years of expertise and complete peace of mind.

All for a fixed monthly fee tailored to your business which can be scaled or reduced depending on your requirements.


3CX Cloud Phone Systems allows your business to make calls over the internet so you no longer need to rely on traditional telephone lines.

Hosted securely in the cloud, the Virtual PBX allows you to retain control of your data. It can be set up and configured within minutes without the need for installing hardware on the premises.

You can create a powerful IP PBX installation and host it with your preferred cloud provider in a few simple steps.

3CX is different from other Virtual PBX solutions as it is a dedicated VoIP PBX and does not run along with many other hosted PBX tenants.

This gives you complete control to choose your preferred cloud hosting provider.

Cloud computing enables companies of any size to store information at a remote data centre rather than on the premise.

It allows large-scale business operations to be carried out at a lower cost while providing improved service quality. Cloud computing helps a business become faster, safer, leaner and more productive.

The benefits of reduced complexity, lower costs and scalability are hard to ignore. Nowadays, businesses which are not on the cloud carry an increased risk of breaching vulnerabilities.

As a reliable cloud IT services provider, we invest far more time and effort into security for clients than they can compared to running their own technology.

A well-run software platform helps businesses become successful by unlocking next-generation digital transformation capabilities.

It encompasses many several different disciplines and skills. Delivering software solutions includes planning, designing, development, testing, deploying and maintenance for driving efficiency and effectiveness.

The key to software development is being aware of the rapid changes in the industry being able to keep up with these changes.

At Levit8, our software solution professionals work closely with clients to create new systems or modify existing ones.

We offer a holistic approach that includes:

  1. Software specification
  2. System analysis and design
  3. Construction, testing
  4. Implementation and training
  5. Business software system maintenance

Cyber Security techniques protect business computers, programs and data from unauthorised access or online attacks aimed at exploitation.

The major cyber security areas are:

Application Security

Includes measures taken to protect applications from threats arising from flaws in application design and development, as well as in deployment, upgrade and maintenance.

Information Security

Information security protects unauthorised access to information, prevents identity theft and protects privacy. Common techniques used are Identification, authentication & authorisation of users and cryptography.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning involves risk assessment, setting priorities and developing recovery strategies if a disaster occurs. Every business requires a concrete disaster recovery plan for resuming normal business operations as fast as possible after a disaster occurs.

Network Security

Effective network security prevents threats from entering and spreading through the network. Components of network security comprise; anti-spyware and anti-virus, Firewall for blocking unauthorised access to a network, Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to identify threats such as zero-hour or zero-day attacks, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for providing secure remote access. More information here.

Network security includes activities which protect the usability, integrity, reliability and safety of a network.

What we Specialise In

Levit8 is a specialist IT Managed Services Provider who takes on the responsibility for the complete management of IT services by subject matter experts. Working in partnership with your business, we adopt a consultative approach to ensure you get tailor-made, flexible and cost-effective solutions to ensure your requirements are met.