How Cyber Safe is your company?
Questions To Think About
  • Do your employees know how to identify a phishing attack?
  • Would all your employees know what actions to take if they were infected with ransomware?
  • Do your employees know what a secure password is and why password hygiene is important?
  • How many employees know what data is considered confidential and how this data should be treated?
LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Workplace Cyber Education
High Quality Content
Growing Library
Detailed Reports
Training Intelligence
Cyber Safe Culture
Management Center

High Qualty Training Content

Levit8’s focus with Cyber Safe is on delivering high-quality, engaging material derived from real-world events and thus we have partnered with best of breed content providers to deliver you premium content. 

Growing Library of Content

The Cyber Safe Training Course is a forever developing online platform. As more sophisticated tactics and threats are being unravelled every day, our content is thus, always evolving and improving to ensure you and your team receives the most up to date relevant training available.

Detailed Reports

Our Cyber Safe clients have access to pull reporting that provides detailed insights as to their teams progression / success rating of each part of their course journey. You will be able to drill-down into specific data such as a team members quiz results on a particular module to determine where they may require further training.  

Smart Training Intelligence

We don’t expect you to spend countless hours in managing who needs what training so take advantage of the Cyber Safe enrolment scheme which will determine an individual’s risk profile and provide them with a tailored training program.

Cyber Safe Culture

With your team collectively completing cyber training courses it will be sure to create chatter within the office instilling a positive attitude towards understanding cyber security so should something arise they will be more inclined to work together to review and analyse rather than making individual impulsive decisions. You can enable leadership boards, monthly champion alerts, and certificates on course completions. 

Management Center

With your simple management centre you can easily enrol staff via an active directory sync, manually, or via a CSV upload. If you have developers you can also manage enrolment with our fully featured API. 

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We Simulate Attacks
Reduce Your Human Risk

Simulations allow your staff to experience the methods ‘hackers’ use however in a safe and constructive way with monthly phishing campaigns should you enable this feature. Choose from an extensive library of quality templates from which you can then automatically send each month as a phishing campaign to all staff or a specific department. Staff who fall victim to the simulation are automatically enrolled into further training which highlights the risk of phishing and how to negate falling victim in the future.

Security Through Education
Engaging and Effective Training

Highly engaging, fun and relevant training material covering the following areas, but not limited to:

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Our Mission

At Levit8 we are passionate about providing superior IT solutions for our clients. We do this by delivering premium technology combined with excellence in service standards. We collaborate with our clients to develop a relationship built on integrity, trust, transparency, and being accountable for risk mitigation, return on investment and exceptional value; all supported by a team of local IT experts. We raise the bar…